Tommy McHugh
    Stroke of a Genius    

14 Jan 2005 

  Obsessive, prolific artistic output following subarachnoid hemorrhage M.F. Lythgoe, T.A. Pollak, M. Kalmas, M. de Haan , W. Chong. Neurology. 2005, 64: 397-398 Scientific Publication   

This is the scientific paper about Tommy McHugh (Neurology PDF download or PDF version including peom and tables)

    Since suffering a stoke in 2001, former builder Tommy McHugh has felt an insatiable need to create, from painting and drawing to writing and sculpting.  He now spends most of his day painting and sculpting and feels utterly unable to stop.  
24 June 2004   The dramatic change to McHugh’s character and his newfound creativity will be discussed by Tommy McHugh and neurophysiologist Dr Mark Lythgoe at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre -Thursday 24 June - as part of an evening of events dedicated to exploring the creative mind.    
    The unexplained creative genius of stroke victim Tommy McHugh is discussed at Science Museum’s Dana Centre - download info & press release  
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